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13th Annual Sustainability Education Ph.D. Symposium To Be Held May 5-7


Prescott College's annual Ph.D. in Sustainability Education Symposium will take place May 5-7, 2021. The symposium is an opportunity for Prescott College's doctoral community to convene, enjoy justice-innovating Keynote speakers Leah Penniman and Sage Crump, share their work, celebrate and honor doctoral student research, and practice, and connect!

Statement in Support of Patrisse Cullors


Dear Prescott College Community,

Prescott College stands in support with Patrisse Cullors as she faces the recent attacks by right wing white supremacists spreading misinformation about her and Black Lives Matter. Patrisse and her family have been threatened, their personal location shared publicly, and their ability to live free and safe lives has been put in jeopardy by these recent accusations.