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Capstone: Practicum : Critical Psychology

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Students are required to design and complete a capstone project to be completed in their final semester. Working with their adviser, students on the professional track design a practicum-based project that best meets their learning and career goals in a manner that demonstrates mastery in critical psychology and human services. Approval of project proposal is necessary before any work on the project begins. Mastery is defined as meeting the program objectives of the MA Critical Psychology and Human Services program. Every capstone proposal and final product will be evaluated and approved by the student?s adviser and an additional faculty member, who together, will serve as the student?s MA Committee. Practicum projects should include a minimum of 40 documented hours of some type of internship and/or volunteer experience with non-profit or other human-services based organizations. Additionally, all students will produce a critical written work which describes their experience (the type of organization they worked with, their role/duties, etc.) and which incorporates theory to dialogue with their experience in some way. This could include the application of critical theory to the programs students work with, ideas for program development/evaluation or research relevant to the programs students work with, etc. The student and committee agree on a time period in which the student will complete the requirements of their project. The faculty will then review the completed materials. If the faculty committee determines that the student has completed the necessary requirements in a manner that demonstrates competence, the student will have completed their capstone.